About Panap Studio

Panap Studio was started by and currently consists of an individual independent software developer with the single purpose of making software that personally interests the developer. While I definitely hope that the software I make is useful or enjoyable to the masses out there, I'm happy knowing that I have made something I personally enjoy or use in my life. That is not to say I don't care at all about making the software intuitive and easy to use for someone that has no experience using it. On the contrary, I strive to make my apps quite easy to pick up and use as it makes life a whole lot easier for myself as well!

While making software under the Panap Studio name is definitely one way for me to relax, unwind, and express myself, it is not what I do for a living. Although I'm currently a student, I work to maintain my software and I aim to respond to all suggestions and criticisms. My response time is sadly burdened right now by school and other obligations. I definitely love to hear from users of my software, and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for how I may improve the software you have used, please reach out to me at support@panapstudio.com.

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy what Panap Studio has to offer!